What is Co-Creative Leadership?

This coaching was born from leaders who have challenges co-creating with their teams. Collaboration within the workplace is common, yet some leaders are challenged to collaborate with their teams. They’ve found that valuable ideas are being left on the table because they thought that letting everyone talk first is effective.
They’ve discovered that the result is that they get the last word in the conversation. This inhibits people from participating authentically in these problem-solving sessions.
Historically, leaders emulate the leaders who taught them. Couple that with the fact that collaboration is not taught in school makes it very challenging to effectively co-create. If you are fortunate to have had a leader who modeled co-creating effectively then you have a great start. If not, then the only way to learn the necessary skills is through coaching.
A few questions that are common during coaching sessions shed some light on what leaders are searching for. How can I have a conversation with my team and hear everyone’s voice? How can I support ideas from other people, even if they’re not my ideas? How do we make the best decision for the problem we’re facing? These can be hard for leaders.
Effective coaching can answer these questions and many more.
Workplace culture can be another obstacle to co-creative interaction. In some organizations, making mistakes is not allowed. This breeds leaders who often offer their solutions forcefully. Almost like laying down the law.
Changing cultures to a more effective, collaborative culture is a must for 21st-century leaders. Learning how to involve people and have better conversations in our organizations is a valuable skill. Knowing what you bring, how you contribute, and how to maximize those contributions is another critical skill set.
Lastly, when we hire someone new who is full of energy, how do we make sure their light stays bright? How do I as a leader encourage new people to keep sharing new ideas? Yes, these are skills that may be learned too.
Bottom line is that the mindset is about being in service with and to the people you work with.

19 May, 2021